Current Projects

Parkside Storage – Phase II

Parkside Storage – Phase II

2125 Dale Avenue SE

This project was conducted to build on the success of Parkside Storage. The project goal was to complete the Parkside Commons western buildingscape and inject a slight variation on the neighboring architecture.

Property Catalyst Group continues to manage and operate the project as Parkside Storage. For more information on the project please visit www.storeparkside.com.

Parkside Storage – Plantation

Parkside Storage – Plantation

7544 Plantation Road

As construction nears completion, it becomes more apparent that the diligent planning process will yield an excellent product. This addition combined with the Plantation Road Improvement Project is sure to enhance the gateway corridor of Plantation Road, while providing high quality storage solution to the North Roanoke market.

After development of the Dale Avenue site, it became clear that this site was the next endeavor. The physical goal of the project was to build on the first multi-story facility in the Roanoke Valley and inject high quality construction materials into the Plantation Road buildingscape.

For more information please visit www.roanokeselfstorage.com.


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